• Founder Director of Wizcraft International Entertainment

  • Master’s degree holder in Political Science

  • National Committee Member of the Media & Entertainment Council of FICCI

  • National Council Member for Media and Entertainment, CII

  • Past President of EEMA 2014-18

  • Three decades of rich global experience

Eventing Passions

  • Industry Partnerships

  • Resource Management

  • Conceptualisation & Management

In our Q&A session, Sabbas shares what’s still on his bucket list and takes us through his eventful journey as a Wiz.

Weddings are events in the lives of everybody. They bring people together, they bring families together. How well or how synergised or how orchestrated the wedding is, ensures the perfect experience, ensures people enjoy happiness and creates an environment of togetherness and it involves tremendous organisation.

Organisation because you deal with people, each of whom is a brand, each of whom believes that they have a brand value. They have a certain value and they come with expectations. Most of the expectations are never outlined and still you are required to understand the expectations and fulfill them.

So, it requires a lot more organization, a lot more thought process and coming together of religious rites, catering, logistics, environment, venue, travel, the right people, the right reception, the right services and all the paraphernalia that comes with it. All must be perfect, synergised and work in harmony. We believe there is a tremendous learning that has to be put together, shared and a sense of organisation and understanding needs to be brought to that space, which is where the Global Wedding Academy comes in.

The reason for the Global Wedding Academy is because weddings are a global; phenomena and constitute a $15 bn industry at a minimum. Wherever you are, people want organisation, irrespective oft customs; or religions and different economic strata or world views. When it comes down to a wedding, you want the perfect organization with ultimate hospitality.

Work has given me many varied memorable experiences. I think one of my most exciting experiences is sharing work with the passionate ones. These projects make you rediscover the world every time you try to make it happen.

We had done a wedding at the Wankhede stadium where we converted the Wankhede stadium into a temple. There have been others where we converted the Turf Club into palaces, places of history and heritage through the sets and artefacts, and the entire process just leaves you feeling so fulfilled.

It has been a privilege to have a journey as enriching as mine turned out to be. Associating with some of the best events that India has seen in the past two decades. These include the 50 years of Indian Independence celebrations, the Michael Jackson concert, the Indian Millennium celebrations, the first Afro Asian games, Independence Day celebrations in Kargil, 30 years of Mauritian Independence, India visits of Bill Clinton and Bill Gates, Concerts of Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, amongst several others.

“Tough times don’t last, tough people do.”

1. Holiday at Santorini and also go to watch the Northern Lights
2. Organise the Olympics or the Oscars
3. Put together charity projects that can help the world, the less privileged

Yes, I would like to say, “Don’t ever doubt the power of your will. Whatever you do, you will find challenges. You might as well do something no one has done before. The important thing is DO.”