• Founder Director of Wizcraft International Entertainment

  • Live, breathe and sleep ‘bringing dreams to life’

  • Breaking boundaries to create unique and spectacular events and experiences

  • The creator of IIFA – International Indian Film Academy.  A brand that has become synonymous to Bollywood globally

  • The magic behind the scenes, that helps build relationships in India & Internationally.

  • Over 3 decades of creativity at its best and still growing with thriving passion and determination.

Eventing Passions

  • A visionary in entertainment

  • The ambassador of Wizcraft for government, business, celebrity and international relationships

  • Maintaining a core belief that we make the impossible possible for our clients

  • Keeping our teams motivated to only deliver nothing but the best

Known as the driving force of Wizcraft International Entertainment, Andre Timmins sheds some light on his career and provides guidance for all those who plan to make a name in the wedding management business. This Q&A will give you a brief insight into what it takes to break new ground.

Every Indian wedding is a revolution in itself and that’s what we are here to deliver.  Change, innovation, and creating “the unique and memorable” for each one.

It will always depend on whose wedding it is. A destination wedding’s key success is to meet the personalities, desires, dreams and ideas of the couple and families.

Well there is two according to me – Health & Happiness.

The biggest challenge was pioneering the events’ industry 30 years ago when no one really believed Wizcraft would take off.  But with the entrepreneurial passion and determination that I had, there was no turning back and I just kept on going forward, facing every challenge head-on and making things work.  One of the many proudest moments was bringing the one and only musical icon Michael Jackson to India.