We are a HUB of holistic development, interactive learning, and experiential knowledge.

Our Purpose

Our dream is to shape the future of talent in the wedding/social event planning industry and the experience-industry. The industry can only grow if its leaders and workforce are trained and skilled.

Through our Academy we would like to gift the event industry a creative, organized, intuitive, skilled and resourceful talent pool that is abreast with the best in global technologies.

We need to empower students, mentor and groom them to be professionals who can meet global standards.


Who Are We Looking To Mentor

Aspiring professionals, wedding planners, designers, entrepreneurs, homemakers, students and even those looking for an alternative career in the wedding space will benefit from this course feeling highly competent and holistically prepared to tackle one of the most demanding and creatively satisfying industries.

For us, education is both taught as well as self-learnt by students through, on-field experiences. It is education that familiarises you with the pressures of the wedding industry before you decide to be a part of it. The wedding industry is emotionally charged, technically and aesthetically demanding, while at the same time highly personalised.

Your Industry-Recognised Course

Research and development in the domain of industry trends and demands have inspired us to redefine the idea of an academy. Today, we think of ourselves as a centre for experiential learning.

Which is why we decided on a syllabus that will empower people to handle large-scale events with complete ease and personalisation. Training here implies embracing key responsibilities even before being hired or starting your own wedding business. For us, monitored mentoring in the right measure is learning that would last a lifetime.

Organising, Planning and Glamourising!

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