Lazy Sundays seem brighter when you have weddings with vibrant colours and a joyous environment.

From a lime-green and yellow themed mehendi ceremony, to an exuberant sangeet to dance your way through, and a traditional red and gold wedding, this wedding was all set for tradition with a punch.

This was not going to be a monotonous wedding. This selection of the destination added the essence of love.


The bride envisioned a special destination for their special day. Can you imagine the destination? No, it was not just one location!

The destination was to be the Golden Triangle, which consisted of locations like Agra, Jaipur and Delhi. Fancy, don’t you think? The locations chosen provided the right mix of grandeur and fantasy for a regal wedding ceremony.

How would you go to all those places of royalty, you may ask? Well, where there is a will, there is a way!


What better way could be there than to travel in the pinnacle of Indian luxury travel, the ‘World’s Leading Luxury Train’ – ‘The Maharaja’s Express Luxury Train Journey’. The luxurious train travel gave everyone a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, through the heart of India. The sophisticated dinner celebration at the Maharajas Express was just the right pinch of luxury to enjoy.

Agra, a place known for one of the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’, a historically royal place renowned for love, was chosen for the sangeet programme.

The Courtyard by Marriott seemed to be the perfect venue. The string lights, beautifully set tables, and fresh blossoms looked captivating. In fact, the decor seemed to showcase a flower-packed statement as the guests arrived.

Then it was the turn of the Royal City Palace to welcome the guests for a grand celebration of mehendi and the traditional red and gold wedding. It was, in fact, much more than the bride and groom could ever ask for!

The wedding finally ended with a beautiful reception at ‘Four Points by Sheraton’ in Delhi and left everyone in awe by its grandeur, royalty, and luxury.

The bride whispered to her man, “This was a fairy-tale celebration that came true.”

Here’s another couple who had yet another out-of-the-box wedding destination – a cruise. Cruise weddings open up opportunities for various dramatic themes with an enthralling atmosphere.


Planning a cruise wedding has all the perks of a destination wedding as it has the added advantage of being surrounded by the magical sea.

Let’s not forget the benefit of a nice long vacation at sea after the grand ceremony. It lets you experience several ports within a single trip and gives you plenty of carefree days at sea.

So, here’s how the couple got married on a cruise line!

The Royal Caribbean cruise line passed through Paris on the days of the wedding. Sounds out and out romantic! It was a fabulous wedding any girl could dream of.


The couple stood on the beautifully decorated cruise deck with the prettiest, perfect background. The Eiffel Tower at a distance beautifully lit up created a scene that words cannot express!

Right from the string lights on the deck to a series of heart-shaped balloons – the photographer tried to capture each and every scene, each and every moment.

The wedding, indeed, had a fine blend of grace and flamboyance to it.

At the end, almost all eyes were moist with joy. “Thank you for making it perfect,” the bride’s mother told me as she reached for a tissue.

A perfect ending to a perfect wedding!

Another Indian couple waited for their special day as their cruise line, the MSC Grand Voyage, left shore for Kochi, ‘God’s own country’.

It was time for their dream to come true. This extraordinary wedding had a church theme, which extended right from stained glass decor as a backdrop to a beautifully put together orchestra and a light western dance to go along with it.

To add to the romance radar, the aisle was covered with tiny rose petals and fairy lights, which looked even more beautiful when the jewel-studded bride walked in.

The couple stood there and said their vows with honesty, ready to live their dreams with each other.

When it comes to destination weddings, many couples go in for converted buildings as their wedding venue. These may include factories, old farmhouses, monasteries, airplane hangars and the like. Wedding planners love such spaces since they can go wild with their creativity and use a variety of themes to create the most memorable event.

In fact, to give an edge to their wedding, couples even opt for destinations like tree houses, boats, museums, national parks, castles, ice caves, orchards, zoos, theme parks, antique stores, botanical gardens – the list is never-ending.

Wedding planners these days go the extra mile to create the kind of wedding clients demand and love to take up new challenges. There is always an urge to come out with unique and creative ideas.

A dream-come-true wedding can happen anywhere at any time, with the most quirky, eccentric and extraordinary themes one may dream of!