Founder, Milestones to Memories Pvt Ltd (MtoM)

Aarti Manocha

Global Wedding Academy by Global Wedding Academy by Wizcraft MIME is a great progressive step towards the growing wedding industry.
As this segment is getting bigger each day, there is a challenge of getting the right talent. With this initiative taken by the awesome team to train and educate personnel in this segment, quality job opportunities will be created and it will be a much-needed boost for our industry to get skilled professionals.
Best wishes to the team and I also look forward to being associated with and contributing to this project.

Founder, Motwane Entertainment & Weddings

Aditya Motwane

The international focus that Global Wedding Academy by Wizcraft MIME will bring through its curriculum is a step in the right direction. We can look forward to a new generation of professionals who will change the face of the wedding industry with global standards and a progressive mindset to scale new benchmarks in wedding management.

Founder, Reels & Frames

Anand Rathi

The Indian event industry is on a lifetime high. At the same time, there is a marked increase in expectations and expected quality standards and hence the need for event professionals who truly stand out from the crowd.
Global Wedding Academy by Wizcraft MIME is a much-needed initiative that will bridge the gap in the supply and demand of competent event professionals.
It is spearheaded by some of the most established names in the event industry and that ensures it will be the thrust that an aspiring event planner’s career needs. My best wishes to this remarkable initiative.

Founder, Ankita Chugh Weddings

Ankita Chugh

Glamour and grandeur may be the scale by which successful weddings are designed, planned and executed. But sadly, not many wedding agencies in India adopt global practises and trends to elevate the quality and wow factor.
The Global Wedding Academy with its international content is poised to redefine future standards in the industry.

Celebrity Make-up & Hair Design Artist

Bianca Louzado

It has always been a fulfilling experience working with Neha, who is an exceptional Wedding Planner. Now with the Global Wedding Academy by Wizcraft MIME, I feel she has brought in the same level of warmth and transparency. The academy sets its standard par excellence, taking care of even the simplest of details. It is noteworthy how they have brought together a well-structured syllabus with veteran faculty from the industry to train and help aspiring planners realise their dreams.

Managing Director, Weddingline Events & Hospitality

Chetan Vohra

The last decade and a half has seen the prolific rise of the Wedding Industry in India. What was once looked down upon as a trade of “Tent-walas” saw the birth and emergence of the “Wedding Planner”, and with it, the dawn of an entire new industry, which thrives on young and energetic talent. A wedding scape is an ideal playground to test creativity, plan the biggest entertainment spectacle and put every element of planning to test. With the industry growing at such a rapid pace, the need to learn goes beyond just “on the job training”, and the need for new recruits to have in-depth knowledge, training and a skill for the trade. It gives me a deep sense of comfort to know that WIZ MIME is now venturing to include “Wedding Management” in its Global Wedding Academy by Wizcraft MIME curriculum. We are confident that students who graduate from this stellar programme will be market-ready and great potential recruits.

Director 7ty7 Entertainment Pvt Ltd.

Darryl Sheldon

As an agency head, I have found that very few recruits come with the right mindset, skills-grooming and EQ that make them indispensable resource persons. I’m excited that Global Wedding Academy by Wizcraft MIME has taken up this mission to shape talent into competent professionals that will be assets for our industry.

Founder, Event Capital

Deepak Choudhary

I have known the founders of the Global Wedding Academy. the founders of the Global Wedding Academy for many years. Their passion for excellence and exquisite experiences will take the Academy to great heights.
In the coming years, the wedding industry will need a lot of skilled and trained professionals. The right training will definitely help in nurturing talent deliver the best to clients and the industry.

Co-Founder and Director, Seven Steps

Kainaz Sethna

It is clearly the need of the hour to have a school that specialises in teaching students the intricacies of wedding planning and management. The entire industry is sure to benefit from such a course. Thanks, and kudos to the Global Wedding Academy! Wishing you all the very best.

Director, Seventy Seven Group of Companies

Manoj Gopalani

The wedding industry is growing at a flourishing pace and we need wedding professionals who are confident to handle the intricate expectations of the clients. With this, they also will bring personalisation, creativity and the human touch to the most important celebration in a couple’s life.
The academy is a great initiative in grooming, training and mentoring, and will create tremendous value and open up more opportunities for the students and the industry. I wish the Team at the Global Wedding Academy all the very best.

Managing Director, Cineyug Entertainment

Mohammed Morani

I ecstatically support Global Wedding Academy by Wizcraft MIME. In my 35 years of walking hand-in-hand with them in the industry, it has been our endeavour to develop the talent of this industry and pass the baton to the future of the industry. I share their passion of imparting experience and expertise and I’m glad to be part of the esteemed company.

Co-Founder and CEO of

Parthip Thyagarajan

Today, the wedding and celebrations industry has moved beyond banquets, open grounds and city hotels to umique hotel and resort chains all over the world! From the proposal to pre-wedding shoots, wedding celebrations to family sangeets and engagements, the complexities of servicing the bride and groom and their families have increased. The academy focuses on these challenges and opportunities in their curriculum.

Designer, Curator & Multidisciplinary Stylist

Rakhee Jain

The wedding industry is growing at a flourishing pace and we need wedding professionals who are confident in handling the intricate expectations of the clients. With this, they also will bring personalisation, creativity and human touch to the most important celebration in a couple’s life.

Director, National Decorators

Sagar Morjaria

The wedding industry is getting highly organised starting from planning to decor and technology. For any successful event, the most important factor is having the right resources. Global Wedding Academy by Wizcraft MIME has exactly tapped this need and is strengthening the industry backbone by providing trained and groomed resources.

Director of E-Factor Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Samit Garg

When the sharpest minds in the event industry are behind a venture like the Global Wedding Academy by Wizcraft MIME, you can expect to see a cadre of professionals who are a cut above the rest. I’m excited to be associated with an esteemed institute like this.

Founder of Shiamak Davar International

Shiamak Davar

Every generation is called to raise the bar, to stay ahead in a competitive environment. But when a path-breaker raises the bar so that others can progress, I think much more has been achieved. For this sustains the success of future generations. Thank you Global Wedding Academy by WIZCRAFT MIME for empowering a talent pool of skilled professionals for the wedding industry.

Co-Founder & Director, The Ignite Enterprise

Shaju Ignatius

Global Wedding Academy by Wizcraft MIME is a pioneering & path-breaking initiative in the field of Social Events & Celebrations.
The highly experienced faculty and the in-depth knowledge sharing process would be priceless for the learning fraternity.
I’m sure this unique digital and experiential offering would be beneficial to all aspiring Wedding Planners across the globe.

Founder, Tarsame Mittal Talent Management

Tarsame Mittal

The industry has many talented entrepreneurs, however, their legacy of expertise and knowledge has unfortunately not been passed down to the next generation of employees.
With the inception of the Global Wedding Academy, the masters of the industry are set to train, mentor and guide all aspiring wedding planners and social event managers of tomorrow.
I wish the Global Wedding Academy many milestonesin their path-breaking endeavours.

Director, Wedding Design Company

Vandana Mohan

From gearing students for job-readiness to placing students in reputed companies, the Global Wedding Academy is a boon for the events industry. This is a course not just for aspiring wedding managers, but agencies should encourage their executives to up scale their proficiency and channel their passion.

Director, Touchwood Group

Vijay Arora

You can count on the front runner to show the way ahead. When the pioneers of event and wedding management set a new benchmark with the noble mission to impart knowledge and skill to the next generation, it’s a win-win time for talent. With Global Wedding Academy by Wizcraft MIME students will be empowered by the best minds, as the faculty comprises the movers and shakers of the industry, headed by the innovators of the event industry.

Founder & MD at

Warren D'Souza

Kudos to Global Wedding Academy by Wizcraft MIME for providing a platform to all students seeking a career in Wedding Management and Social Events. It is inspiring to observe how the academy is focused on building careers for its students, with a strong foundation, rather than helping them to simply get a job.
Also, I’m highly impressed by the students’ motivation and ability to absorb what I tried to teach them during my workshops on sound.
I wish the academy and its enthusiastic students all the very best!!

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