Weddings being once-in-a-lifetime occasions, most couples wish to make it an event to remember.

In fact, there are truly many weddings that you cannot forget. They are perfect weddings where everything from the guests to the food, the decor to the music, is taken care of.

One such wedding I’ll always remember is that of an Indian couple.

It was a lovely summer morning with a perfect outdoor setting. The couple wanted it simple, yet extraordinary and stunning.

Usually, most people take pains to ship wooden furniture and mandaps to the wedding location simply to get the right look. But we wanted it to be perfect yet hassle-free. So, we got in corrugated decor knowing that this would stun the guests.

So, here’s how it all looked and felt like.

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The mandap consisted of four beautiful sturdy pillars decorated with intricate designs made out of fresh flowers and fancy lights.

The area reserved for the guests was packed with chairs made from reclaimed wood, lending the space a rustic and authentic look.

Further, old jars and bottles were used to place the flowers to add to the distinctive look.

The stage for the couple to meet and greet the guests was set too. It utilised corrugated decor to create a dome-shaped roof that brought the feel of a majestic palace. It added a royal tinge to the entire ceremony.

As the guests started pouring in, soothing live music overflowed. Further, the lighting was thoughtfully and perfectly fitted to highlight the entire scene.

Wherever you looked, there was indeed a magical touch. Lovely flower baskets adorned every table, while beautiful lights hung at various spots, glamming up the place.

A team of photographers and videographers worked with the latest technology to capture every moment of their special day.

Of course, like any Indian wedding, there was a little hurry-scurry just before the wedding rituals started. But as soon as sacred mantras filled the atmosphere, the bride and groom exchanged ‘vermalas’ and vows. Finally, they took the seven ‘pheras’ to become man and wife. The beautiful bride beamed with joy as she looked into her husband’s eyes.

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It was the wedding of their dreams. It turned out exactly as they expected. The dramatic themed décor brought in grandeur juxtaposed with fantasy. It was a combination of fashion and elegance.

The guests were amazed at how corrugated decor substituted fibre wood everywhere. It was, in fact, a pleasure to receive praise from the guests for my work. They congratulated the couple’s parents and complimented me on the way the wedding had turned out to be, with the right mix of ceremonies and lush, chic decor.

Finally, to give the wedding a unique feel, we used the latest technology to insert image mapping on the wedding cake. We projected the couple’s names on the cake amidst beautiful designs followed by their pictures.

It was a beautiful affair. As wedding planners, we’d put all our heart, mind and soul into it and it paid off!

I made up my mind to use corrugated and rustic decor for my future clients too.

The corrugated decor is easily movable and can be placed outdoors as well as in other settings. It provides the perfect finishing. The grandeur in corrugated elements is a sight to behold.

So, the wedding ended there. The bride and groom left to live a happily ever after married life, and we returned with a deep sense of satisfaction!