• A Decade of Experience with Var Vadhu Wedding Management

  • Executive MBA in Marketing from SP Jain Institute, Mumbai

  • Past Director – Event Sales at Hyatt Group of Hotels

  • Past Course Director at EMDI Wedding Institute

  • Hotel Management Graduate (Dadar Catering College, Mumbai)

  • IGNOU Post Graduate Diploma in Management Programme

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Jai Hind)

Eventing Passions

  • Facilitation and Mentoring

  • Project Management

  • Creative Conceptualisation

  • Aesthetics and Design

In our Q & A session, Neha shares why she felt the need for this academy and also what her secret desire is for a superpower.

When I was running a wedding planning company, we were keen to hire and interview people. But, most of the ones we met were not cut out for the wedding industry. This industry is distinct from the corporate event industry in key requirements. The industry today is in dire need of trained and competent manpower that understands the business, the unpredictability of clients and the complications of the industry.

Being highly educationally inclined, I thought – why not create a specialisation in the wedding space for people seeking to truly understand it? This institution is also a way of giving back to the industry by formalising and mentoring young talent, so we can take the wedding industry to the next level.

People in the wedding industry dread educating others, thinking that it might create more competition for them. When you see people you taught grow into entrepreneurs, it feels so fulfilling. This stream of education has been neglected for so long and I am glad I gave it the significance it truly needed.

Weddings are going to happen come what may and you need the right resources for it. So, I think all of this together is pretty cool. And obviously the pre-opening series of setting up everything, doing the course content, being in synch with industry norms, standards, what’s next.. And to telling them, and being the trendsetters and teaching them. Because a lot of students don’t know who are the legends they need to look up to; they need the right role models and the right kind of training to succeed in this industry.

The passion stems from the width of the smiles that I see etched on the faces of young couples who trusted us to bring their vision to life. Right from the time their children are born, Indian families start to envision what their weddings would be like. So, we try to incorporate 25 years of hopes, visions and dreams in three days.

That is where the magic lies, in making long-standing dreams happen, in glimpsing happiness in the eyes of those who are getting married and those who are assembled to celebrate. With our Global Wedding Academy by WIZCRAFT MIME, we want our students to not only execute fairy-tale wedding experiences, but also create unforgettable memories for the families.

Family and staying committed to their growth even while handling a full-on work life.

An ability that makes anybody who sees me speak only the truth, because I believe highly in integrity, ethics and values, and detest dishonesty, deceit and disloyalty.