It was during the last monsoon in June. We stood at the entrance of a banquet hall in Goa, as a gentle drizzle covered the lush green surroundings. A cool refreshing breeze blew across our faces as we inhaled the sweet smell of the earth soaked in the rain…. Read More

Lazy Sundays seem brighter when you have weddings with vibrant colours and a joyous environment. From a lime-green and yellow themed mehendi ceremony, to an exuberant sangeet to dance your way through, and a traditional red and gold wedding, this wedding was all set for tradition with a punch.

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Weddings being once-in-a-lifetime occasions, most couples wish to make it an event to remember. In fact, there are truly many weddings that you cannot forget. They are perfect weddings where everything from the guests to the food, the decor to the music, is taken care of…. Read More