It was during the last monsoon in June. We stood at the entrance of a banquet hall in Goa, as a gentle drizzle covered the lush green surroundings. A cool refreshing breeze blew across our faces as we inhaled the sweet smell of the earth soaked in the rain.

It was the wedding of a couple who were college sweethearts. They first met when they were about 19 and nothing could separate them ever since. Seven years of courtship and before anybody realised, their friends and family became guests at their wedding.

It was a quick decision. The wedding date was chosen, the venue was decided, the guest list prepared, invitations were sent and the shopping spree began.  

“Ah, that was the last invitation card,” the bride smiled with a sigh of relief as she handed over the card to us. I looked at it and couldn’t stop admiring it.

The boat-shaped eco-friendly card was filled with neon colours highlighting the monsoon theme they had chosen for the wedding.

The card was enough to stir excitement among all the invitees. We waited in anticipation till the day finally arrived.

Goa, love, romance, the seaside and to top it all, the monsoons – what a combination!

As we stepped into the banquet hall, we could almost feel the grandeur and romance in the air. We couldn’t take our eyes off the bride, dazzling in a glorious white gown, embellished with gems. She coyly walked down the aisle, covered in rose petals, with her father. An orchestra followed them, enlivening the entire surroundings with the music of love.

Although the wedding was indoors, we had a breath-taking view of the sea, as the banquet hall was surrounded by see-through glass on all sides. The guests had the pleasure of looking out to sea through the glass walls, throughout the wedding ceremony.

It was a picturesque scene with the couple taking their holy vows with the backdrop of the magnificent sea. The soft raindrops outside, as though, decided to be their guests. What a captivating sight!

All around the banquet hall were flowers and chandeliers. The trickling sound of the rains went silent each time the soothing harp music being played by a lady, reverberated across the room. It couldn’t get any better!


It was time for the newly-weds to take the floor for their first dance. The ecstatic guests applauded and the sea outside leaped up with large waves.

Once the rituals were over, the couple strolled outside as little drops of rain fell on them. It was time for an outdoor photo shoot.

They posed amidst the beautiful decor – flowers, colourful umbrellas and a beach studded with pebbles – that created a perfect frame.

I couldn’t stop marvelling at how much thought went into choosing the decor. Starting from the invitation cards to the use of pebbles as eco-friendly decor was indeed commendable.

There was much more to it! A glorious reception followed.

We were invited into a space overflowing with music. Live dance performances uplifted everyone’s spirits and enlivened the place.

As we stepped in, we were handed bright colourful umbrellas with the names of the bride and the groom printed on it as takeaways.

All signs of monsoon blues evaporated as we entered the venue. It dazzled with neon colours flashing from all quarters. There was an exotic fragrance lingering in the air. It was Mane and Jo Malone.

Tables decked up with vibrantly coloured flowers, fruits and candles, graced the large space. We chose a seat from where we could see the place where the newly-weds were to be seated.

Soon the bride walked out of a vanity van dressed in a gorgeous red gown with water-proof makeup. We simply couldn’t take our eyes off her. The groom who looked dapper in a tailored black suit readily joined her.

The vanity van decorated with fancy lights and flowers stood there for anyone who wanted a touch-up.  


As we sat, the aroma of fresh coffee beans and authentic Darjeeling tea wafted into the surroundings from the coffee and tea bar. I couldn’t help fetching a piping hot cup of cappuccino for myself. A perfect match for a rainy day!

As I looked around, I could see a health bar serving refreshing smoothies, flavourfull juices, and freshly-made herbal salads.

It was time for us to help ourselves to the lavishly-spread-out dinner. A wide variety of food was served at different counters – Continental, Oriental, Chinese, Indian, Thai and Italian. Every recipe had a unique twist to it. We could feel the care that went into bringing the best quality, as they served fresh, hot dishes.

The wedding was a huge success. The amount of thought and detailing that was involved in planning the entire wedding helped turn the monsoon rains in their favour and made it one of the most memorable weddings ever.

As I had a chit-chat over the sumptuous meal with their wedding planner, she said, “Happy couples do make a pretty sight. Giving them what they want to make their special day just the way they expect it is every wedding planner’s dream”.